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Coach? I Want to be an Offensive Lineman


Quarterbacks have a history of cozying up to their Offensive Lineman.  After all, they stand between him and hospitalization.  Watches, expensive dinners and vacations are all rumored to be perks O linemen enjoy.  Tom took it a step further and gave all 5 a $65,000 Audi Q7 SUV (Matt Light's is rumored to beep if he makes a false-start at a red light - DOH!!).

High School and College offensive line coaches will now have a queue of defensive linemen at their door, "Coach?  Ahhhh... I played a little left guard in Pop Warner.  Any room for another O linemen?"

The bar has been set.  O line perks have been adjusted upwards, "A watch?!?!  Brady gave his guys a freakin' car!!"