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It's All About...The Chad


There are many words being written about WR Chad Jackson.  Hailed as the guy to replace the departed Donte Stallworth, there's at least 1 story PER DAY in the Globe and Herald on this third year Patriots receiver.  If you're having a hard time recalling who he is, you get a hall pass.  Injury plagued for the 2006 and 2007 season, Jackson has caught 13 balls for 152 yards and 3 TDs.

So far, he's looking super sharp at Passing Camp.  During media day, many reporters said he was catching well, running sharp routes, and appeared to really know his playbook.  All signs he's been working hard in the off season.  That's good, because we're going to need him.  Chad had this to say:

Everything is coming along for me easy now, and all I'm doing right now is just concentrating and getting the plays down to be on the same track with the quarterback and the coach.

At 6'1" and 215 lbs, I really hope he's the receiver that can steamroll over defensive backs like Stallworth did; we really need a guy who's like a running back after catching the ball, someone who can take some and dish it out down the middle if need be.  I love Wes, but he's an F117 Stealth Fighter .  We need Jackson to be an A10 Warthog .  I'm sorry I knocked you down, Mr. Defensive Back.  Just stay down and breath.  You'll be ok in a few minutes.

I'm really rooting for this kid, partly because we really need that type of receiver and partly because I'd like to see him do good after 2 troubled, injury plagued seasons.  It'd be lousy if he didn't get a shot just because of an injury.  Stay healthy Chad.