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Notes from Partial Team Passing Camp

The New England Patriots are just wrapping up a partial team training camp and there appears to be some good news coming out of the media who were present.

Jerod Mayo - Jerod is showing some good stuff, the kind of stuff that makes you feel good about picking him in round 1.  Lining up at weakside linebacker, Mike Reiss thinks, "who seems to move effortlessly across the football field."

Tank Williams - Originally put on the roster as a safety, it looks like he can pull some linebacker duty as well.  Having that kind of movement will help defend against teams throwing those hard-to-defend-against intermediate passes (above the linebackers and below the safeties).

Victor Hobson - As the veteran in this mini camp, Victor was leading the defensive huddles.  Moving from OLB with the Jets's 3-4 to ILB in the Patriots's 3-4, Victor could turn out to be just what we need to bridge the age gap between the youngins and old guard.  Who knows, if he keeps it up, he might end up with a longer deal after his 2008 1year deal.

David Thomas - Injured last year, this TE is back in business.  With the departure of Kyle Brady, a TE slot opens up for this talented 2nd year player.  I'm really hoping the Patriots use this position (and this kid) WAY more than they did last year.  Granted, the passing attack with WRs Moss, Welker, Stallworth, and Gaffney was ridiculous, but it'll be good to see a 6'3", 248 lb TE steam rolling over DBs.

This passing camp was clearly about the rookies and new acquisitions.  With virtually no attendance from the starters, this group of talented players got all the attention and, by the all that I've read, looked pretty darn good.  Hears to adding a few more weapons.