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Mocking the Draft: AFC Regular Season Predictions


Matt Miller over at SBNation's Mocking the Draft says the New England Patriots are a 13-3 regular season team .  That I'm not surprised at.  I figured NE would be a 13-3 or 14-2 team.  There's too much going on defense-wise for me to have a good feeling about another historic run.  So as not to sound like a ridiculous homer, 13-3 is a season most teams beg for.  In fact, 26 teams wouldn't mind a 13-3 record .

I am honestly having a hard time disputing Matt Miller's predictions:

Wk     Matchup    
1    Kansas City Chiefs     W
2    at New York Jets     W
3    Miami Dolphins     W
4    Bye    
5    at San Francisco 49ers     W
6    at San Diego Chargers     L
7    Denver Broncos     W
8    St. Louis Rams     W
9    at Indianapolis Colts     L
10    Buffalo Bills     W
11    New York Jets     W
12    at Miami Dolphins     W
13    Pittsburgh Steelers     W
14    at Seattle Seahawks*     L
15    at Oakland Raiders     W
16    Arizona Cardinals     W
17    at Buffalo Bills     W
Total        13W-3L

Chargers?  Good team and it's the second game in a back-to-back west coast swing.  Indy is Indy; that game is always a tossup in my mind and they're healthy this year.  The Seahawks are the only question for me.  At 10-6 for 2007, they don't sit in the top 5 for ANY NFL stat.  Could they have done well in the draft?  Did they make all the right moves?  Something to consider.  I just don't see it.