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Go Celtics!!


Yes, you're on SBNation's New England Patriots blog, PatsPulpit.  And no, I haven't lost my mind...yet.  I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to our SBNation neighbors over at The Green Bandwagon .  Head writer Jim does an awesome job blogging about all things Boston Celtics .

As you may know, the number 1 seed Boston Celtics are locked in a battle royale with the number 8 seed Atlanta Hawks.  In a stunning upset, the Hawks tied the series up 3 to 3 with a 103 to 100 victory at home over the Celts.  The Hawks are reveling in the role as underdog (Hmm... reminds of the current SuperBowl champs), but can't seem to succeed in Boston - which is where Game 7 will be played today at 1pm.

Now, before I get myself in a boatload of trouble (I know Bo Diddley about Basketball), head on over to The Green Bandwagon for all things Celtics and show some love for Jim, all the Celtics bloggers and especially our Boys in Green!!