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Vertically Challenged, Despair Thee Not!!


Ok, I admit it.  I have a MASSIVE man crush on Wes Welker.  Every chance I get, I will write about Wes (Note to PatsPulpit faithful: if my obsession becomes obnoxious, please email me).  He can live in my house and I will make him breakfast and I will give him a healthy lunch for practice and I will iron all his number 83 jersies and...what Now Maaahhh?  I'm blogging with my friends!  No, not logging.  That's what they do in Maine.  I'm blogging...with a B!  Yes, I took my medication.

Now, where was I...

Wes, man crush, medication...oh yeah.  Perchance, you may ask, "Why now dost thou scribe about Master Welker?"  Perchance, I will tell you.  I was perusing Mike Reiss's blog , as I do on a somewhat obsessive basis, and I came across an article entitled Wes Welker impact .  YES!!  An opportunity to write about Wes falls right in my lap.  The article talks about Brett Swain , 7th round draft choice for the Packers , and Cowboys free agent rookie, Danny Amendola who went to Texas Tech, just like you know who.  Brett sums it up pretty well:

Wes Welker has done wonders for guys like me getting drafted and getting guys more looks.

The little engine that can, but gets no respect, has become the little engine that gives defensive backs fits.  Typical scenario: Brady to Wes.  Wes makes an impossible 90 degree juke to the right, stops short.  Defensive back, caught in the middle of saying, "What the..." gazes in wonder as Wes bangs a U-turn to the left, flat footing the poor, defenseless back.

Could it be raw talent?  Could it be that ridiculous lateral movement he has from years of soccer?  Both, I'm sure.  It could also be a relentless work ethic.  Winner of the Patriots's 12th Player Award , he simply personifies what it means to be a Patriot.  No bull.  No frills.  Just talent and hard work.

What Maahhh?  No, tell the cawps I wus no.wayuh.neah Fawxburo. (Jeez, this #83 jersey is small.  I wonder if Wes will miss it from his locker...).