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PatsPulpit is proud to announce our new co-writer: marima

Hello New England Patriots fans!  I am happy to announce that our very own marima has accepted the positon of co-writer for PatsPulpit.  Along with myself and Josh (soon to be digging out from a mountain of school books), marima will be contributing 1 or 2 stories a week for PatsPulpit.

I've always appreciated the volume of posts from marima but, most important, the quality of the writing and information presented.  We've kicked around a number of ideas, but to start, marima will be focusing on some of our lesser known Patriots.  Hey, they deserve some love, too!!  Look for marima's stories on Friday mornings, just in time for the weekend games.  And keep your eyes peeled for the profiled player!

Welcome aboard, Marima.  We all look forward to your contributions.