Walsh Sends Tapes, No Walkthrough

The New York Times is reporting that Matt Walsh has finally sent the National Football League the videotapes he claimed to have in his possession from his tenure with the Patriots. Among the eight tapes, there was no evidence to support the accusations levied against the Patriots that they had taped the Rams walkthrough prior to the Super Bowl.

Ex-Patriots Assistant Sends the N.F.L. Eight Tapes

I hope this finally puts to rest this whole Spygate fiasco. The article pretty much just sums up what we already knew - the Patriots filmed other team's signals since Bill Belichick became the head coach in New England (though it does provide some more elaborate details on what was actually filmed).

I suppose it's also worth mentioning that Matt Walsh and Roger Goodell are still scheduled to meet on May 13th, so we'll probably have some more info come out by then. As of now, though, that seems to be the entire film collection he took once he was fired.

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