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Matt Walsh: Nothing new, let's play football

In a stunning...YAWN...revelation...YAWN...we find that the stolen videotapes in Matt Walsh's possession contain taped signals of games from 2000-2002.  In addition, there's no tape of the St. Louis Rams's SB XXXVI walkthrough, as reported by the Boston Herald .

Matt?  Meet Geraldo.  Yeah, there's nothing of relevance in your safe , either.  As many of us blogged about and surmised that Belichick wouldn't be stupid enough to have both himself and Kraft further deny any wrongdoing and then have Matty come out with evidence which proves it.  And, just to be crystal clear, Roger Goodell has stated he will only levy additional punishment IF and only IF, The New England Patriots taped the Rams SB walkthrough:

Belichick has emphatically denied taping the walkthrough.

"I have never taped a practice, certainly not that one," New England's coach has said repeatedly.

Roger Goodell is fully prepared to crack down again on the New England Patriots if his meeting with Matt Walsh uncovers a tape made of the St. Louis Rams' final walkthrough practice before the 2002 Super Bowl.

No Rams's tape?  No more punishment:

Goodell explained that the league's penalty against the Patriots early last season was for the totality of the team's videotaping actions, and that coach Bill Belichick acknowledged he had videotaped opposing signals since the start of his Patriots head coaching career.

BTW, this quote from Goodell was conveniently left out of the New York Times article.

Again, no Rams's tape, no more punishment.  Hopefully this isn't hard for people to understand.  Done.  Fini.  Moving on.  But, Arlen can't let it go.  In a stunning, but to be expected, case of government abuse of power, the senator from Philadelphia will meet with Walsh as well.  Sure, let's fly Matty all over the place on the taxpayer's dime so he can tell the EXACT SAME STORY he's already told the NFL.  Sour grapes senator, sour grapes .  Unfortunately, none of his constituents will cry foul because they think it's perfectly ok for Arlen to reach into their pockets to fly a criminal around for their team's honor.  Good luck, Pennsylvania.  You reap what you sow.

Matty?  Welcome to your 15 minutes of fame.  Too bad it was built on a house of cards.

Props to NESilver for this fanpost .

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