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Pennsylvania? I'm Sorry

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I am not a hateful person.   I, in most cases, harbor no ill will towards other people.  Live and let live is the message for me.  More to the point, I can't be bothered with the negativity.  But, our dearest of friends, our favorite Son of PA, Belichick's best buddy thinks I'm an idiot.

In a recent fanpost (mad props to OneMore), Mr. Specter has decided to drop the spygate probe because, "...mood is not right and we've got too many other bigger problems to deal with."  That's right Arlen, you have too many other problems to deal with.  And while you're posturing to back out of the mess you've created, why don't you tell the truth?  This, from USA Today :

One of Specter's colleagues from across the aisle, Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., sees things differently.

"With the war in Iraq raging on, gasoline prices closing in on $4 a gallon and Americans losing their homes at record rates to foreclosure, the United States Senate should be focusing on the real problems that Americans are struggling with," Kennedy said Thursday.

Ok, so Teddy is not as pure as the driven snow on a Maine winter night, or capable of navigating a bridge near Chappaquiddick , to be more accurate.  But, Specky had zero support in the Senate or any other government body for his personal vendetta against the New England Patriots.  Did he actually, I don't know, ask his co-workers if they thought it was a good idea?  Or, does he feel his position as ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee gives him the power to do whatever he wants?

As reported by Yahoo :

"I haven't pulled back. There's not much more I can do at this point," the senator said Monday, according to his office. "We've exposed a lot. ... But the public attention span is so limited..."

 No Specky, you were clearly the white knight in all of this, shining a bright spot on all of those bad, bad people in the NFL and enlightening the unwashed because their attention span is so limited.  I have a theory: you continue to get elected to term after term because the attention span of your constituents, the very public you insult above, is limited.  How else could you continue your career with all the evidence detailing your ties to Comcast

But, what I'm really interested in is a fair and accurate accounting of government funds spent on Specky's Wild Goose Chase.  I'd like to know how much of the tax payer's money you flushed down the toilet on this personal attack.  Maybe you should write us a check, Senator.  Like your favorite contributor, Comcast and its law firm, I suppose the check's in the mail.

Yes Pennsylvania, I'm truly sorry for you.  You, the constituents of that fair state, have been made a fool by continuing to keep in office, a dipstick.  And don't forget, your attention span is limited.  Ah, you've already forgotten what I've said.