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Should Ty Law come back to New England?



I must admit, I have a soft spot for Ty Law.  When he left New England for the Jets, many saw this move as a way for the Jets to capitalize on his knowledge of the NE defensive strategies and he took a bad rap, unwarranted in my opinion.  My belief is Law simply capitalized on the Patriots' 3 Super Bowl wins an got himself a big, fat check in the process.  No harm, no foul.  Why should we be mad at him for going after some cash?  Players do it all the time and the fact that he went to a division rival means little to me.

The Jets cut him loose after one year because of a huge hit in their salary cap and Ty spent the last 2 years with the Chiefs.  Law's 2006 performance was in line with his previous years, but 2007 proved to be a less than stellar year for the former Patriot CB.

From a Patriots fan perspective, I'd love to see Ty back in the blue and silver.  He did a lot for this franchise and I'm somewhat loyal to guys like him.  He left more than a few pounds of flesh on the field for us.  From a realistic standpoint, I don't see it happening.  Ty is 34 and in the twilight of his career.  He's also expensive.  His KC contract was 5 year $30m and I don't see Pioli picking that up.  The Patriots have also become very deep at CB; with 8 players at that position, that's another strike against a Ty Law return.

Your thoughts?