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Around the AFC East, Week 5: New York Jets

Last, but certainly not least, we talk to Brian Bassett from an excellent Jets blog, The Jets Blog.

 The Jets have made some fairly significant front office moves.  Of note is the hiring of Scott Cohen as asst. general manager which frees up Terry Bradway to do more scouting.  How do you see this helping the Jets?  Are there any other front office moves you think have been valuable? (submitted by: Pats Pulpit)

The Jets are known as being (believe it or not) a "small market" team, and adding an Assistant GM (Tannenbaum's old role) while keeping both Bradway and Clinkscales to scout, is a good step and one showing progress in the organization, solid distribution of roles while at the same time allowing Tannenbaum more freedom to work on big picture stuff than the nitty gritty signing and releasing of undrafted players and the like.   Tannenbaum also just received a promotion, and now only answers to the team's owner, which further cements that this is his organization to manage and seems to indicate a longer-term stability in the front office that this team hasn't had in quite a while.

 The front office of an NFL franchise is often behind-the-scenes, but is hugely important to the success of a football team, of any sports team for that matter.  Tannenbaum's promotion and answering only to the owner gives a talented administrator the freedom to get things done without too much BS in the middle.  Stability and defined roles works on the field and it's especially important in the office.

Thanks to Brian Bassett for his great info and kudos for an excellent blog, The Jets Blog.  That concludes this week's Around the AFC East.  Have a great weekend!!