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Around the AFC East, Week 6: Miami Dolphins

Matty I over at the Dolphins blog, The Phinsider, discusses the tenuous state of the quarterback situation for 2008.

Bill Parcells called in to talk with Dennis and Callahan on WEEI this week, and was asked who Miami's starting quarterback will be this season.  Wouldn't we all like to know?  Coach Tony Sparano says he wants someone to emerge by the third preseason game, but he's not sure it'll happen.  With both Josh McCown and John Beck getting equal snaps, and rookie Chad Henne a distant third,  Have you seen anything so far in these players that screams "franchise quarterback"?  Only (game)time will tell, but who are you leaning towards to lead the team and why?

Phinsider:  Well I think we should start off by saying that we already know what Josh McCown is.  He's a serviceable quarterback, but he's very rarely going to win you the tough games by himself. 

As far as John Beck and Chad Henne go, I'll admit that I do like both of them and think they both have the potential to become good quarterbacks in this league.  Both have worked hard this offseason and both all have the physical tools needed to succeed.  The question will be, in the words of Bill Parcells, if these quarterbacks have "balls" – the mental toughness needed to play QB at this level.  How will they react after making a mistake?  Will they be able to step up in the pocket and make throws with defenders right in their face?  These questions need to be answered.

As far as this year goes, I believe it will be John Beck starting in week one against the Jets.  And I say this for two reasons.  One, it makes much more sense to start Beck.  Henne is a rookie who will just sit back and learn the ropes in year one; and McCown is a veteran who has shown already what he can do, which isn't anything particularly special.  So why not let John have this season (which isn't going to be a playoff season or anything) to show what he can do?  And two, I believe John is the best of the 3 QBs and that he will win the starting job in camp and in the preseason.

Let me close by saying this: I'm a known John Beck supporter.  And I've put my name on the line on both my site and on Buffalo Rumblings, so I might as well do the same thing on your site and say this: John Beck will open the season as the starter – and he'll play well, too.

As big a Belichick fan as I am, man did I love that special way Parcells had in expressing his opinions.  In this case, he and Matty I are dead on.  What good is awesome athletic ability if it comes with deer-in-the-headlights reaction time or an inability to correctly read the defense?  From the little I know of them so far, I liked Beck a little better too and was surprised to see McCown's name listed first on the Dolphins depth chart.  Someone will eventually be listed first come September, but that's what the pre-season will determine.

Thanks to Matty I, and feel free to head on over to The Phinsider to read my response to his PatsPulpit question.