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Beasts of the East...Still


Why is it that the New England Patriots have, what one could consider, one of the easiest schedules in the NFL?  7-9, 4-12, and 1-15.  That would be the 2007 records of our division rivals Buffalo, New York, and Miami.  In 2007, we handed our AFC East rivals a handy 0-6 with the closest game, believe it or not, being a paltry 10 point win over the Jets in Game 14.

2 AFC East teams have STILL not decided on a quarterback: the Jets and the Dolphins.  Can you imagine that kind of instability and hoping to make anything of your season?  I mean, an offensive line or special teams position, but quarterback?  Riddle me this, Batman: do Chad Henne, Josh McCown or John Beck (Dolphins) have the goods to step in like Brady did in 2000?  How about Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens (Jets)?  PLEASE!!  And while Trent Edwards (Bills) has gotten the nod over J.P. Losman, he's got some things to learn.  Let's not forget that former quarterbacks coach Turk Schonert was newly minted as Offensive Coordinator.  Instability.

The Patriots, while losing playmakers like Donte Stallworth and Asante Samuel, have gone a long way to strengthen an aging linebacker corp and defensive secondary.  5 out of 7 draftees are defensive with Matt Slater lining up at Safety during some of the minicamps.  Will it take time for them to come up to speed?  Sure, that's been proven; a Belichick defense isn't one you just walk into.  That's why we've added veterans like S Tank Williams and CBs Fernando Bryant and Jason Webster.

The QB musical chairs being played by our division rivals means I don't see our fellow Easters being anything more than practice squads for tougher rivals from the AFC South like Indy the AFC North like Pitt.  Should I be worried?