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Around the AFC East, Week 3: New York Jets

In our last installment for Week 3, we chat with Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog .

Rumor has it Chris Baker, unhappy with is current contract, will pull a Pete Kendall and try to muscle his way out of New York if he doesn't get what he wants.  Is Baker that big of a loss?  Should the Jets allow him to steamroll them into a decision?

The Jets Blog : Baker has the exact same agency that Kendall did, and he's ripped a page out of their playbook from last year.  Baker signed a contract with the Jets in 2006 for four years (he should have signed a one or two year deal if he thought he deserved more) when no one else wanted him, and the team is taking advantage of his low price tag on him -- which allowed the team to go out and spend like they did in free agency.  With a much improved offensive line (less need for blocking) and other receiving targets (and less need for catching) in Bubba Franks and draft pick Dustin Keller, Baker doesn't have much leverage in getting himself a new deal.  Optimally, I'd like him to play with the team because he is one of the most versatile TEs in the league, but the impact of losing a guy like Baker versus a guy like former LG Pete Kendall isn't even close.

True, Kendell had more clout to pull something like this.  That being said, I can't stand this renegotiation crap that players pull.  If you sign a contract, you should have the character to stay with the terms of that contract unless one party grossly violates those terms.  I'm sure Baker would be livid if Mangini told him he wanted to change the terms.

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