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Around the AFC East, Week 7: Miami Dolphins

After a 1 week hiatus to sober up from the Fourth, we're back with another installment of Around the AFC East.  First up is Matt I from The Phinsider, SBNation's fine Miami Dolphins blog.

I read a seemingly silly piece on the Dolphins' QB situation: What if Miami brought Brett Favre into the organization.  On the surface, I thought this was ludicrous, but it could make some sense given the need for some stability in that position.  Favre could provide some needed mentorship in that position and possibly help the Dolphins win some games in the process.  What's your thoughts?  Silly?  Does it make sense?

The Phinsider: Your original gut feeling that this idea is ludicrous is right on.  It would be a monumental mistake for the Dolphins to even consider bringing aboard Brett Favre.

Really – how would bringing aboard Favre benefit this team?  Maybe instead of winning 4 or 5 games, they win between 6 and 8.  Then what?  After the season, the Dolphins would be facing the same question that they are facing now: who is the QB of the future for the Dolphins?  In all honesty, the only people within the organization who are probably pushing for this would be the marketing people.  After all, ticket sales would likely increase a little.  But luckily for us fans, the marketing department doesn't have a say in the football operations.

But the bottom line here is that this team is undergoing a youth movement and bringing in a guy like Favre is just what you said: silly.  This team needs to stay with their current philosophy, get younger, build through the draft, and get ready to contend in, say, 2010.  And in between now and then, they need to find their quarterback, whether it's John Beck, Chad Henne, or somebody not yet on the roster.  But it sure as hell isn't Brett Favre.

My Take: Agreed.  I was goading Matty to see if he'd bite and he wisely did not.  Favre adds nothing to the mix and, in my mind, should exit pro football gracefully which, by the way, is not the way he's doing it.  Matty is right to suggest the Dolphins should concentrate on building youth and talent into their organization as well as taking a longer term approach.  Build a good system and players will gravitate to it.

Thanks to Matty I over at The Phinsider.  Head on over their to see my answers to his question.