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Welcome PatsPulpit's newest co-writer: JohnHannahRules


I am pleased to announce PatsPulpit's newest co-writer, JohnHannahRules.  Some may remember him as Gooch until his screenname was stolen out from under him during the SBNation 2.0 upgrade.  I haven't, as of yet, informed him of "The Ceremony" or why he'll need a week off afterwards, but that will come.  Seriously, JohnHannahRules is an excellent writer, a great source of Pats information and, best of all, he's a ridiculous New England Patriots Homer with the chops to back it up, as evidenced by his recent posts.

JHR will be contributing a story a week on whatever strikes him as interesting.  Or, calling me to task when I write something stupid.  Which can happen.  Often.  Welcome JHR.  We're looking forward to more most excellent musings.