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Training Camp Updates: 8/14/2008

A bunch has happened in the last few days, so let me see if I can break it down:

  • Recent signings of veterans Jeff Shoate and Ade Jimoh have swelled the cornerback ranks to 10.  In addition, the Patriots have been talking to veteran safety John Lynch and have put him through a physical.  I can only assume our team from Foxboro is carrying so many defensive secondary players so they can find that elusive combination, that pot of gold that will prove to be unstoppable.  In particular, the loss of safety Tank Williams to a knee injury in our preseason opener with the Ravens leads me to believe Belichick and Pioli are looking for that hybrid cornerback/safety player who can fill the nickelback role.
  • Ellis Hobbs and Fernando Bryant project to be the starting CBs with rookie Terrence Wheatley as third.  I'm psyched for Wheatley.  With a crowded field of cornerbacks, this draftee is getting noticed.  Can you imagine how good he'll be with more NFL experience?
  • ILB Jerod Mayo is the standout of the rookies.  He was supposed to be eased into the rotation, but it appears he's going to see more snaps than originally expected.  Given we were hammered in 2007 for an aging linebacker corp, I'm really stoked about this one.
  • Trio of Brady-Moss-Welker looks really sharp (See Ogor?  It wasn't just about Wes. ;-))  I think this is the most dangerous QB/WR combination in football.  They literally carpet bombed opposing teams in 2007 and I see more of that in 2008.
  • When asked about Belichick's history with the penalty lap, he was quoted as saying, "Maybe the guy who made the mistake gets some advice from some of the guys who are running – but don’t feel like running," Belichick said, which yielded some laughter from media members.
  • Brady will see some time in this Sunday's preseason game @ Tampa Bay.  The game is on NFL Network / WCVB Channel 4 at 8:00PM.
  • Finally, public training camp practices have been extended by one day.  Friday's practice, starting at noon, is open to the public.