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Gamethread--Philly in the Preseason: The Big Number Three

Conventional wisdom dictates that the third preseason game is the one we're waiting for: trot out the big guns and the starters for at least a half and really let them shake their rust off.

Have you ever known Bill Belichick to do anything conventionally?

Buckle up--this should be interesting. MaPatsFan has a good pre-game, as do Gasper and Reiss from the Globe. Tom will not be playing. Others not suiting up are as follows:

# CB Jason Webster
# S Brandon Meriweather
# RB LaMont Jordan
# CB Mike Richardson
# RB Kyle Eckel
# OT Ryan O'Callaghan
# C/G Russ Hochstein
# LT Matt Light
# C/G Billy Yates
# WR Sam Aiken
# DE Le Kevin Smith
# DE Ty Warren

# LB Adalius Thomas Lots of potential starters there. New old-guy Flynn is in a uni--#75 on the night. Don't confuse him w/ Wilfork. Geez, doubling up on numbers, moving guys around...I don't know, Patriots fans. I just don't know.