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New England Patriots Links: 8/24/08

I will admit "New England Patriots Links" is about the lamest excuse for a title or monicker that I know of.  I'm looking for something a bit cooler, something as cool as Horsetracks, used by our fine Denver Broncos blog, MileHighReport.  If you have an idea, post it here or send me an email.  My choice will be totally subjective and you will get no prize or compensation.  Your satisfaction will be derived from the fact that you saved my sorry butt. ;-)

BB has been using the defensive headset a bit:

"We used the headset with Tedy [Bruschi] and Mike Vrabel, both of them in the first half, a little bit in the third quarter," Belichick explained.

"We used it a little bit last week against Tampa in pre-game, not actually during the game -- it was on the road and all that. It's a learning experience for everyone and we know more about it now, and we have at least a game under our belts to try to figure out what is the best way to utilize it, and how to make it advantageous, and how to keep it from being a problem or another log on the fire that we really don't need.

On Wes Welker's rib cage injury, Belichick was "vague":

Later in the call, Belichick was asked if there was an update on the physical condition of Wes Welker, who left Friday's game with a rib injury. Belichick said he did not have an update.

From the Nation Football Post:

…NE needs to get Matt Light back at left tackle.  Tambi Hali of the Chiefs can rush a little and Wes Britt will struggle to block him.  The Pats need to get this line back and healthy.

Belichick on DeSean Jackson's TD punt return:

“It wasn’t a good situational play,” said Belichick, who quickly confronted his punter to tell him just that.

Finally, something sort of positive - Gutierrez's TD pass to Chad: 

"Yeah, I enjoy playing the game and all these guys do, too.  We work hard and when we do something good, we should celebrate it.  But like I said before, one or two good plays weren't enough."