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Last Preseason Game: Patriots @ Giants

The preseason matchup of the ages!  Patriots get their revenge.  The 2 Super Bowl enemies duke it out in Joisey.  Horsepucky.  It's a preseason game and any media outlet that makes more of it is drumming for ratings or readers.  JohnHannahRules has done a preview of who goes and many of you have responded with your thoughts.  This, in my mind, is the most important task in this game, other than what injured player has recovered enough to be on the starting lineup and who was injured recently, not making a showing.

Looking at the projected starting lineup, a notable addition is wonderboy himself, Tom Brady.  This means Bo Diddley, in my mind.  No, Belichick is not seeking revenge against a former co-worker in Tom Coughlin.  If this starting lineup even survives the next few days, it's simply to say Tom is back and looking healthy.  Let's get him a few reps before the really important stuff, like the regular season opener against Kansas City.  And I DO mean a FEW reps.  Why risk our star quarterback any more than necessary?  Put the backups in.  Lambs to the slaughter, I say.

A boost for the pig pile watchers in the group, Matt Light has been seen taking reps at practice, but has not made it to thursday's starting lineup as of yet.  This is sorely needed in an area where we've seen a rotating door of 300 pounders.  C'mon guys, let's get some beef in front of Brady.

As Brady is a notable addition to the lineup, a notable blank spot if you will is a WR opposite Randy Moss.  In particular, the little engine that can, Wes Welker.  Welker left the Eagles with a bruised rib injury, but has been seen at practice.  10...9...8...happy place...happy place.

On the Giants side of the fence, Eli Manning has been looking pretty good this preseason.  On a more somber note, DE Osi Umenyiora, one of the Patriots biggest problems in Super Bowl XLII, is out for the season with a knee injury.  The media outlets are all a flutter with news of Michael Strahan being courted back into shoulder pads.  Michael's response?  8 million would be a good starting point in the bid to draw him back.  I'm in the wrong business.