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Shots Heard 'Round the Web: Pats Links, 8/28/08

Boston Globe columnist Chris Gasper runs down What to watch vs. Giants

The retired Michael Strahan decides to stay retired.

I got it...let's put crutches near Tom's locker!!  That'll drive everyone nuts.

From the Providence Journal:

We watch the practice film every day as a staff, and of course we watch the games. We talk about the players on a daily basis; it’s not like every Monday there’s a personnel meeting,” Belichick said. “Before each game we talk about the players, not only how we are going to play them, but how things are going. Then after the game we talk about them again, relative to how they played and relative to how we are going to practice them or use them the following week in practice.” Injuries and the time the medical staff thinks a player might be out also play a role.