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Reiss: What to watch for in Patriots vs. Giants



Boston Globe Columnist Mike Reiss has an excellent rundown on What to watch for in Patriots vs. Giants.  Of note:

  • Matt Gutierrez will probably start
  • Brady will NOT play. :-( 
  • The Patriots will only carry 3 QBs, needing that roster spot elsewhere
  • We'll only keep 8 or 9 OLs
  • LBs Guyton, Redd, Ruud and Hobson are on the bubble and fighting for the same spot(s)
  • Slater could garner a spot as a kickoff returner
  • Welker could be out longer than this game.  Washington could fill the slot while Wes heals.

A notable point, due to its absence from Reiss' article, is a discussion on running backs.  If I read into this, it could mean none of the RBs are on the bubble and we intend on carrying 5 backs.  Heavy emphasis on the running game will make for some fun football.  Can you imagine the potential of these backs coupled with the ridiculous "scorched earth" policy we could inflict with Brady and his "aerial toys"?