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Training Camp Updates: 8/3/2008

Wes is back! Wes is back! Wes is back!  Most of the PatsPulpit faithful know of my somewhat creepy obsession with the little engine that can.  As much as I admire Moss, I think Welker had the biggest impact on the 2007 season of any player...other than Brady, of course.  Wes will never put up big TD numbers, but he's the guy marching the offense down the field when the Patriots change to quick slot or underneath routes.  Apparently, Wes dropped a few balls and had this to say:

I think it’s, you know, hard to meet up with the guys in the offseason and get balls as hard as these guys can throw," said Welker. "So, I think that’s one of the tougher parts, especially if you’re not in shape. First off, being in shape, and then getting used to getting those balls and catching them and tucking them away.

The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  Bull crap.  This is training camp, sports fans.  Dropped balls mean diddley, especially with a guy like Wes.  Any doubts that he'll be in fine form for the season?  I think not.

At any rate, he was pulled off of the PUP along with rookie ILB Bo Ruud and CB Ellis Hobbs.  Hobbs, the CB veteran of the team, is almost guaranteed a starting spot; along side who is anyone's guess, although Fernando Bryant is looking good.  I think the term "starter" is somewhat overrated these days with all the speciality packages and substitutions taking place on a regular basis.  It's more a matter of how many snaps a player plays, in my opinion.

Nick Kaczur spoke to the media about his off-season goings on:

I definitely made a mistake," said Kaczur. "It's football season now. I'm trying to put everything behind me and concentrate on the season now. It's a good thing I have the support of a great organization, and my teammates were all behind and my family and my wife. It's just time to focus on the season now and put everything behind me.

That's it, Nick.  Drink more coolaid and say all the right things.  Keep your nose clean and stay away from dudes on the street selling prescription drugs.  Heck, can't you just ask the team doc?

And last, but not least - the Patriots first pre-season game against the Baltimore Ravens is Thursday, 8/7/2008 @ 7:30 on WCVB/Channel 5.  I will have an open game thread going for your comments.  Throughout the week I'll be putting together some things to look for with our new acquisitions as well as the vets.