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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Links for 8/31/08

The news today is still all about the Patriots 54-man current roster that was submitted to the league yesterday afternoon.  I say current because it will most likely be tweaked a bit before Opening Day.

The Herald has asserts that teams with 100-yard rushers win more than teams with 100-yard receivers.  That and $2 gets me my morning coffee.

Mike Reiss at The Globe talks cornerback, from the releasing of Fernando Bryant, the possible signing of Ty Law, what roster changes might be in store, and the Patriots overall outlook at cornerback.

Reiss offers some "Nuggets from Gillette", such as Jerod Mayo using Junior Seau's locker (does that mean anything?), and Gary Guyton switching his number from 48 to 59 (guess Colvin's not coming back).  Also included is a Randy Moss interview with the media, that states he's feeling good and ready to go.

SHOTS FIRED:  Just in time!  In case anyone could possibly have forgotten, Kevin Hench of FOX Sports brings everyone up to speed on SPYGATE for the start of the new season.  Right up there with Iran-Contra, Watergate and even the Monica Lewinski scandal, Hench wants readers to know that

[the Patriots] are reviled, the league's villains, coached by a crook. When the Giants upset the Patriots, cheers went up across the NFL, not just in Eric Mangini's den.    

Oh, and he also reminds us that our coach is referred to as Bill Beli-cheat.

The O-Line is cracking!  The O-Line is cracking!  Maroney won't have his break-out season.  Doom, death, destruction!  ProFootballWeekly didn't phrase it quite like that, but apparently he's not alone in his assumption.

Walter Bingham of the CapeCodTimes worries that the Pats' story is coming to a close.  Brady's foot injury, no solid backup QB's, an offense with no zip and a defense that looked like Swiss cheese prompted this gloomy forecast for the season:

It doesn’t take a weatherman to tell you that there are dark clouds hanging over New England these late summer days and that they spell disaster. Even a casual observer of the sporting scene knows that the Patriots are flopping around like a fish out of water.

Dynasties crumble. I was around when the Green Bay Packers folded after winning the first two Super Bowls. How could a team with Bart Starr at quarterback and so many future Hall of Famers fall apart so quickly?

Easy. They got old.

That was like hanging with Eeyore.