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New Orleans Saints fans today


As you may be aware, New Orleans, and much of the Gulf Coast, is preparing for yet another devastating assault by mother nature. Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on this area of the country.  The New Orleans Saints, along with thousands of residents, are evacuating this area of the country in search of higher ground.  SBNation's fine Saints blog, Canal Street Chronicles, is evacuating, too.  Head blogger Saintsational is invoking "Operation F**k Gustav" and has enlisted the help of rival blogger Dave The Falconer to take over blogging duties while Saintsational sits in traffic.

We're all New Orleans Saints fans today.  New Orleans has seen enough with Hurricane Katrina and Gustav is projected to be much worse.  Keep Gulf Coast residents in your thoughts and prayers and, if you're so inclined, head on over to this story at Canal Street Chronicles and add your good thoughts.

Godspeed Nawlins, godspeed.