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New England Patriots Links: 8/4/08

Here's a few thoughts from Bill Belichick as we approach our first preseason game:

"Right now, we haven't really gotten into the Baltimore thing that much," said Belichick. "We'll start them tonight. We're really more focused on what we're doing and correcting the mistakes from last week, and moving on with some situational football, trying to get that taught to everybody and [make sure] everybody understands it, so we can go out there and execute."

That's right Patriots fans, don't put too much stock in preseason games.  This is a chance to see how some of our new acquisitions handle themselves at an NFL level.  It's also for the coaches to observe any mistakes and make corrections during camp.

Here's a good article on Fernando Bryant who seems on his way to winning Asante's spot.

Last, but not least, the Redskins have the best record in football after winning their first preason game against the Colts, 30-16.  Check out Hogs Haven and Stampede Blue for all the info you need.