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New England Patriots Links: 8/9/08

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Bill likes what he sees with our new linebackers:

Some good things, some need to be better," he said. "I think Shawn [Crable] and Jerod [Mayo] both competed well. They played hard. Same thing with [Gary] Guyton and [Vince] Redd.

Asked about the new coin toss rule, BB responds:

I think it will be a regular occurrence and it will probably be what most teams [do].

What is the new coin toss rule, you ask?  If the coin toss is won, coaches will have the option to defer their decision to kick or receive to the second half.  More than likely, the loser of the coin toss will choose to receive in the first half, but there is the possibility, however remote, that a team could receive a kickoff twice in one game.

Training Camp, at least the portion open to the public, ends on 8/14/08. analysis of the Ravens @ Patriots first preason game.

And finally, I hope to see more of this: