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My Kingdom for a Guard: Patriots on the prowl for OLs


Let's just say I never appreciated linemen in the past.  I admit it and I'm coming clean.  I went for the easy mark, the high flying wide receivers, pulling down impossible passes and dancing between defensive backs for yet another TD.  Practically perfect in every way (Julie Andrews would be proud).  And then, the Super Bowl.  Stellar throughout the 2007 season, the OL had a bad day.  And if the OL has a bad day, Tom Brady has a bad day.  And the ball doesn't get into the air.  Or worse, Tom eats fertilizer.  The relentless rushing attack of the Giants' defense taught me that the OL is there to snuff out the hopes and dreams of those wily defensive dudes.  Stay away from my quarterback or I'll hurt you.  He's buying me a car.

I was too busy watching the sideline running gazelles until...I went to JHR University.  A few most excellent stories on the OL and I was hooked.  I now pay attention to the goings on, but I am but a grasshopper.  Far from tattooing my arms with a heated kettle, I will only touch on the most basic of concepts and leave the tricky stuff to our O-line PhD.

This is a VERY busy weekend for coaches and player personnel, specifically Scott Pioli.  The 53 man roster should never be considered carved in stone, but penciled in.  Sure, guys like Tom, Randy, Wes, et al are traced over with an indelible sharpie, but I digress.  The most recent moves show a need to shore up the 300 pounders, the guys keeping Tom Brady standing on both feet, albeit one of them a little shaky.

Success is a funny thing.  Because of our 16-0 regular season record, we are dead last in line for waiver wire priority.  We can put in our claim for a player, but 31 other teams have to pass before we can get the guy.  We most recently picked up OT Mark LeVoir from the Rams, but that's not the weakest spot.  Guard is in issue for us with top backups Russ Hochstein and Dan Connolly sidelined due to injuries.  Let's not forget Stephen Neal on the PUP list.  This leaves no support for starters Logan Mankins and Billy Yates.  There's still a plethora of unclaimed 300 pounders, so don't despair.

Scott Pioli?  Get me some big ones.  6-5 and 300 pounds will do.  Preferably with some brains, too.  Can you do that for me, pretty please?  Brady's tired of eating this: