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Shots Heard 'Round the Web, Patriots links for 9/11/08

The most watched knee in football has just been diagnosed with a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and MCL (medial collateral ligament).  Our ever reliable Boston Globe Patriots beat writer, Mike Reiss, gives us more info on wonderboy's recovery time.  Suffice it to say, Giselle's boyfriend should be able to participate, on a limited basis, in 2009 OTAs.

Our dear friend, John Tomase, discusses the key to the Patriots' success.  I don't have to remind you who John Tomase is, do I?  Awwhhh heck, why not.  Tomase reported that, based on information from a reliable and credible source (possibly named Vinny ;-)), your New England Patriots taped the Saint Louis Rams' Super Bowl XXXVI walkthrough.  He was later proven WICKED WRONG and had to apologize.  At any rate, I think his stuff is more believeable because as soon as the apology was printed, his editor went out and bought a microscope and he's not afraid to use it.

From our friends in Rhode Island, Robert Lee of the Providence Journal opines Cassel has lots of practice in the system:

The Patriots are expecting Cassel will be able to manage and win games.

It could be the reason New England turned away veteran quarterbacks Chris Simms and Tim Rattay on Monday. They were hoping to try to earn a spot on the Patriots roster but when they arrived they were told that things had changed and that Patriots were no longer interested.

Go Matty, Go Matty, Go Matty...alright, that was a little creepy.

The most excellent National Football Post talks about Brady's visit to Gillette Stadium and how it was "uplifting".  As an aside, Mike "friggin" Lombardi is one of the best writers out there.  23 years in the NFL get you something and that's access and respect.

New SBNation blogger John B talks about Who Goes over at Gang Green Nation.  A little background, please!!  Ok, kicker Jay Feely was signed to the Jets and, well, someone has to be jetisoned (jetisoned, Hah!!  I kill myself!).

Ok class, here's your quizz for the day.  The only Patriot to play every defensive snap in Sunday's season opener. (music from Jeopardy)...Who is Jerod Mayo?  Correct!!

The Patriots rotated their defensive personnel throughout Sunday's season opener against the Chiefs, but one player never retreated to the sideline. Surprisingly, it was rookie Jerod Mayo.

Can you say worth a 10th overall pick in the draft?  I knew you could.  In Belichick's style that we've come to know and love:

He has worked hard to absorb a lot of information and preparation," Belichick said. "I thought that overall came together fairly well last weekend and I hope we can continue moving in the right direction

In news 1,000 miles west of Boston, pothead Ed Johnson, defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts, was thrown from his horse for wacky tobacky possession.  To be fair, Patriots Running Back Kevin Faulk was caught as well.  As Bill Polian says:

We consider every violation of a team rule or NFL policy on an individual case-by-case basis. If club discipline is appropriate, we consider the past record of the individual involved and the extent to which team rules were violated when imposing penalties.

This is not always a fair application of justice, but it's true.  Faulk is a decent guy who made a mistake.  Johnson was already on a short leash.  How to screw up a good gig, a) continually pi$$ off Bill Polian, b) see A.

Boom Baby!!  There's your Shots Heard 'Round the Web.  Keep sending love to Foxboro.  Get in the lotus position and think happy thoughts.  Like backup Matt Cassel sticking it to grizzlied veteran Brett Favre.