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5 Questions with Gang Green Nation


Hello fellow Patriots fans and fans everywhere!  Today we chat with John B.  He answers YOUR questions regarding his favorite team, the New York Jets.  John B is the newest member to the SBNation family of bloggers, but not new to blogging.  He's been slinging bytes on the Internet about the Jets for many years and is a great resource about all things New York Green.

A lot of people are hailing Brett Favre as the savior of the Jets. Do you echo in this fervor or think they're just hyping cause Favre is so fun to hype? Even with Brady down, the Bills and Patriots are formidable opponents.

: As Patriots fans may or may not have noticed, the Jets have literally enjoyed a fraction of the success the Patriots have during the Belichick Era. It has been really painful to watch such a bitter rival enjoy so much success, especially considering that rival's head coach spurned our franchise. Now our team has added a Hall of Fame quarterback still playing at a high level. Can you really blame us even if we go a little overboard? We have not had a whole lot to be excited about in recent seasons. Any rational Jets fan realizes that beating the Pats and Bills is going to be a challenge, but with Favre we finally have a legitimate chance.

Do you see this season as a one-shot chance if Favre retires again? Would you like to see a QB drafted next year or do you think Clemens will takeover when Favre departs?

GGN: Everybody knows that Favre is a two year rental at most. A team does not make that kind of short-term investment unless it represents a monumental upgrade. Since the quarterback position is so important in the NFL, it probably is a one shot deal. I think it is too early to close the book on Clemens. He was playing behind a patchwork offensive line last year that gave him no time to get comfortable. There were some positive signs out of his play, particularly his poise in game-deciding situations. Plenty of great quarterbacks struggled early in their careers. The coaching staff might feel differently, however. The word is that they are down on Clemens and that Kellen is in danger of losing his backup spot to Brett Ratliff, a rookie who lit things up during the preseason. Once Favre leaves, I expect to see an open competiton between Clemens, Ratliff, and perhaps Erik Ainge.

Favre heaved up another desperation TD last week against the Jets which Mangina defended as a veteran move—somehow concluding that had a defender intercepted the lame duck (just shy of the goaline) the defender would be bound to down the ball. Great arm strength, no discipline. How long before the shine goes off the apple and the fine folks in New Jersey start booing the anointed one?

GGN: I might in tongue in cheek fashion first point out that our coach's name is "Mangini" with an 'i' at the end. The play in reference was a fourth down play. If Favre held the ball and took a sack, the Dolphins would have gotten it back. If he threw it away, the Dolphins would have gotten it back. By putting it up for grabs, he gave his receivers a chance to make a play. The important part of that throw is that he put plenty of loft on the ball, which made sure the Jets would be in position to make a tackle if Miami did intercept it. If Favre reverts to his 2005 and 2006 form and starts consistently throwing into triple coverage to cost the team games, fans will turn on him. If he plays the way he did in 2007 and last week, fans will love him. It will be no different from any other player. If he helps the Jets win, he will be a hero in New York. If he plays poorly and drags the team down, fans will turn on him.

Great play by Revis last week (along w/ a bad one by Pennington). How do you feel about the Jets' secondary?

GGN: It was a third down play so Pennington definitely should have thrown it away. The secondary is one of the biggest question marks on the team. Revis looks like he is going to be a lockdown corner. He has great cover, ball, and tackling skills. Kerry Rhodes is another stud. The former high school quarterback has a great feel for the game and always seems to be on the right spot of the field to make critical plays. After that, there are major questions. Dwight Lowery was the team's fourth round Draft pick. He registered a number of key plays breaking up passes last week and was generally very good in coverage. If he can develop into a solid second starter, this secondary could be pretty good. If not, the Jets are going to have to leave Revis on an island against every opponent's best receiver and give Lowery plenty of help. Beyond this, the unit is thin. Neither Abram Elam nor Eric Smith has emerged to lock down the strong safety slot. That position has been so weak that the coaching staff has shifted corner David Barrett to safety. The corner depth is also pretty thin. Justin Miller has not developed the way the team had hoped he would. His cover skills are lacking. Third year player Drew Coleman has looked good thus far in his career, but his action has been very limited. The secondary has quality players but is thin. The Pats should be able to exploit the weak links with their spread formations if their offensive line gives Matt Cassel time.

What would define a success to you this season:

A) A Superbowl win
B) Playing in the Superbowl
C) Being the AFC's #1
D) Winning a playoff game
E) Winning the division/making the playoffs
F) A winning record
G) Beating the Patriots both times during regular season
H) Beating the Patriots once
I) Other__________________

GGN: It has been forty years since this team won it all. The Jets just got a 39 year old future Hall of Famer who was one of the top five quarterbacks in the league last year. If the goal was not to win it all this season, renting Favre would make no sense. It would be better to let Kellen Clemens see the field and develop. It is Super Bowl or bust in 2008. Given the depth of the AFC, it could very well be bust, but that does not change the goal.

Props for great answers and info, John B.  Don't forget to head on over to Gang Green Nation for my answers to John's questions.  Our Pig Pile guru may have more to add to my O line answer ;-).