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I Heart Matt Cassel

About 100 yards before I take the right into my place of employment, there's this butcher shop.  Near the street is one of those horizontally scrolling electronic signs.  You know, ground beef - $3.99/lb, strip steaks - $8.99/lb.  But, the other day, I noticed a different message:

We're behind you all the way Matt

It was religious...bear with me a second.  Have you ever driven by a church and, on the bulletin board in front of the house of worship, there's a message of encouragement?  You know, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life", or something like that.  It was spiritual because a butcher shop is a kind of house of worship, right?  You know, preparing for the game, buying supplies at the butcher shop...Ok, I've lost you.

Anyway, as we move through the Matt Cassel Era, let us be reminded of a few things.  You can't get experience without the job and right now, Matt is doing OJT.  Let's not harp on every missed pass or mistake.  Let's not be all gloom and doom.  Give him a chance.

As a final note, I'd like to show you some statistics:

18 12 41 2,843 86.5
50 8 21 4,806 117.2

Any guesses?  The second row is pretty easy to figure out.  That would be Tom Brady's 2007 statistics.  The first row is Brady's 2001 statistics after he took over for Drew Bledsoe.  Nothing to write home about.  But, we all remember how that season turned out, don't we?  You can't get experience without the job and Matt has a few more things going for him like: 4 years in the system, most of the 2007 team behind him and a tried and tested coaching system.  Have faith, my friends, have faith.

We're behind you all the way Matt.