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MaPatsFan in the New York Times

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Well, in a blog on the NY Times...called The Fifth Down. I was fairly honest about the unknown, about my concerns. I'm ready to support Matt, but we just don't know how things will turn out. I, and others who wrote, were labeled as "less vigorous" than Rams fans. Am I supposed to come out, guns blazing, and proclaim another run for 19-0 is clearly in the bag? Oh well, here's my 100 words:

The hardened veteran from cheese land vs. the untested backup turned starter. Brady’s left flat tire has sent Patriots’ power rankings into a tailspin, but was it the quarterback or the system? Brady had a very pedestrian 2001 when he took the reins from Drew Bledsoe, but he managed to lead the Patriots to Super Bowl win against the Rams. Matt Cassel has far more toys to play with, so the question is can he put them to good use? Let’s hope his four years in the system translates to onfield success. Patriots, 24-17.