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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 9/16/08

Can't let go of Sunday's win over the Jets? 

Rich  Thompson shows more love to Adalius Thomas' sack on the great and powerful Brett Favre for a 20-yard loss.  Can't ever get enough of that.

Mike Reiss analyzes the offensive participation from Sunday's win, noting TE Dave Thomas played every single one of the 59 snaps, and then gives his analysis on the Patriots' positional groupings in the game. 

Reiss also pans the gold from Belichick's afternoon press conference.

Christopher Gasper argues special teams made all the difference, giving the offense great field position while pinning the Jets farther away from the goal line.

He then reports on the readiness of Vice QB O'Connell, only a heartbeat (or knee, or shoulder...) away.

Ellis Hobbs and Deltha O'Neal star in Karen Guregian's analysis of the secondary.

Gerry Callahan warns the rest of the NFL about the renewed intensity the Patriots are playing with, more so than if Brady were healthy.

But a funny thing about football: It’s the one major team sport in which fans and media underestimate the role of emotion and attitude.

The Patriots team website boils the game's success down to seconds and inches, sacks and completions, and then acknowledges what the Jets did well.  The team also reports on some some recent roster adjustments:

  • RB Kyle Eckel re-signed to the 53-man roster, and TE Stephen Spach released.
  • S Mark Dillard re-signed to practice squad, and P Tom Malone released.

Projo's Mike McDermott wonders how Belichick and crew will work Randy Moss into the new offense, and how Moss will adjust.


WEEI's Ron Borges questions how the Jets could have forgotten who the Patriots are and what they do best.  Who knew he was such a believer?

That is how they’ve done things in New England since the moment their dynasty first began seven years ago. With Brady out for the year, it is very likely how they will do it all season. They will make the plays others do not. They will let you beat yourself but will not, or at least not very often, contribute to their own defeat.


If there was a statement made Sunday afternoon at the Meadowlands it was simply this:  If you want to beat the Patriots you'll have to do it yourself.

  • The Patriots Hall of Fame Induction Weekend will take place Sat. Sept. 20, at 3pm at Patriot Place Plaza.  The ceremony will re-induct their 12 Hall of Famers and will also feature the induction of the 13th Patriots Hall of Famer, Ben Coates, who was elected by Patriots fans in 2008.