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Dolphins' OLB Joey Porter is a big, fat, stupid-head


File this under, "Story most likely NOT to be quoted in the Boston Globe." ;-)  Many dumbass things were said about the Patriots last year.  One that tipped the scales of dumbassery was Steelers' safety Anthony Smith "guaranteeing a win" against the Patriots.  He was later torched by a Brady to Moss bomb, after which Brady got in his face and had a few words.  Later on, in the same game, a Brady-Moss-Brady-Gaffney fleaflicker embarrassed Mr. Smith yet again.  But this isn't about Anthony, it's about Joey.

If you recall, Joey Porter, in another act of dumbassery, was one of the only NFL players to speak out against Spygate.  Well, Joey's at it again.  Mad props to our links guru, Marima, for finding this and giving me a reason to rant...again.  Now, I can see Colts' WR Marvin Harrison feeling like his team is going to post another W.  Or even QB Trent Edwards of Buffalo.  Heck, Buffalo may be the yardstick for the AFC East this season.  But, both these guys have too much class and brains to say anything.

It's one thing if you have the chops and record to back it up.  Even then, it's good to stay quiet because what goes around, comes around.  Porter, on the other hand, is a loudmouthed zipperhead playing for an 0-2 team.  I never wish harm or injury on ANY player, but it is my solemn wish that we introduce LaMont Jordan to Joey during an option or screen, maybe even a run play.  LaMont's cleat marks on the back of Joey's helmet would be nice to see.  While we're at it, how about former Dolphin Wes Welker juking around him so fast he trips over his own feet?

We'd never target Joey.  No way.  Not like we targetted Anthony Smith.  Bill would NEVER do that, would he?