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New England Patriots' Randy Moss - Fact vs. Fiction

The "experts" will tell you when Moss is unhappy with his shot at the ball, he will show it.  He will dog it or simply not reach for the ball.  In out 38-13 loss against Miami, there was at least one instance of Randy letting a ball go that he may have had a chance at.  I find this relatively funny in a "you're an idiot" sort of way.  It is, in essence, taking a dragster and putting it on an autocross track.  Randy is a vertical guy.  Give him the ball down a seam and he makes DBs look slow...and that's before he kicks on the afterburners.  Turn him inside, and he's a big target for linebackers and safeties who want to layeth the smacketh down on this 6-4 lanky guy.  I'd let the ball go, too.

His new role, whether he likes it or not, is to step in for wonderboy, Tom Brady.  I don't mean as QB, but as a leader.  Now, more than ever, this team needs someone to rally them in the locker room and on the sidelines.  They need someone to rise up and lead by example.  Given his past, this may be a work in progress, but he's surrounded by guys who know how to be leaders.  Guys like Mike Vrabel, Tedy Bruschi and Matt Light have been inspirations in New England and have the hardware to backup their play on the field.  But, this is about Randy.

If he's dogging it, it's hard to see.  Stats don't lie.  They can be made to lie, but presented in their purest form, they don't lie and these prove Randy to be well on his way to being one of the greatest receivers of this game:

Name Seasons TD TD/year YARDS/game
*Jerry Rice 19 197 10.4 75.6
Terrell Owens 12 132 11 75.4
*Cris Carter 15 130 8.6 59.4
Randy Moss 10 125 12.5 78.7
Marvin Harrison 12 124 11.23 79.1

Yes, I did write off Harrison's 2007 whilst doing the TD/year calculation and only divided by 11 seasons instead of 12.  So, if Randy's dogging it, I'd hate to see what he'll do on full burn.  Sorry T.O.  You're totals are good and all, but your averages don't show you to be in a league with Randy.  He's only 7 TDs behind you and you have 2 years on him.  And you'll only be getting slower as you age.  Marvin?  I think it's a foot race, but Randy seems to have the edge.  Two damn good receivers, neck and neck.  It'll be fun to see how this plays out.

Dogging it...I crack myself up.