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Globe's Gasper - Patriots' O'Connell could be in soon

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I like Chris Gasper.  Under the tutelage of Mike Reiss, he's suddenly come out from behind the scenes to share the spotlight with his mentor.  The problem is, he's a little short on substance, kind of like Mike Reiss Lite.  In his latest gem, and I quote, "Kevin O'Connell could be the quarterback sooner rather than later."

One bad game does not a bench warmer make.  Cassel is not ready to be riding pine...yet.  He will develop the relationships he needs, specifically with Moss.  He will develop the ability to read defenses and make better throws.  And let us not forget, my friends, Matt Cassel doesn't play defense; our big bad D looked terrible against Miami.  Without Tommy Terrific to cover the points, there was nowhere to hide.

Hey, I like Kevin O'Connell.  I've been big on him since we drafted him eighth in the third round.  However, unless he's developed NFL level skills in six months, he should be holding Matt's clipboard.  Relax, Chris Gasper, and don't try so hard to be irreverent.  Learn a thing or two from Reiss - the facts, just the facts.