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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Links for 9/5/08

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The Quotable Bill Belichick.  Jim Donaldson includes examples of classic (the team that plays better will win) Belispeak from the HC's press conferences.

Christopher Gasper scoops on Dom Capers, one of the NFL's brightest defensive minds.  And he's working for OUR side!

My man, undrafted rookie LB Gary Guyton, gets some love from the Herald.

Stephen Harris talks with rookie QB Kevin O'Connell about his role on the team.

NFL preseason records shown to be meaningless.  Whew!

ProFootballWeekly asserts that Fernando Bryant was released because he wasn't tough enough.

The Herald reported that TE Jason Pociask was happy to land with the Patriots, and he probably was while it lasted.  Of course, the roster being as fluid and fickle as it is this time of year, Pociask was released yesterday and TE Stephen Spach was signed instead.  TE Tyson DeVree was also released, and Punter Reggie Hodges was signed to the practice squad.  For now.


Mike Reiss is the man for opening game analysis, putting the "Chiefs in Focus".

Don't forget to check out the Patriots Unofficial Depth Chart to keep track of who ended up where in the lineup for Sunday's game.  Just keep your white-out handy.

Karen Guregian compares the player match-ups for Sunday's opening game.

Our friends over at Arrowhead Pride list their "Chiefs vs. Patriots - Keys to Victory."  I assume they mean victory for the Chiefs, but it'll work for the Patriots too.  : )


Kansas City's team website features a question and answer segment with QB Brodie Croyle, firing away with gems such as, "Q: Are you excited for your chance to end your winless start streak?"  Ouch!  And that's coming from the home crowd.

Herm Edwards answered questions at his press conference touching on the strength of the New England Patriots, the youth and inexperience of his team, and the challenge that awaits them on Sunday.

Q: Any idea what your young guys think of this (New England) team?

EDWARDS: “No, they’ve only seen this team on television. They’ve been in college; they have no idea.”