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The Knee: Cheap Shot?

Some folks in the media are crying foul on Tom Brady's knee injury caused by Chiefs' safety Bernard Pollard. Pollard had this to say:

"The play was not intentional," Pollard said. "People can call me a dirty player, you can call me whatever you want to call me, it’s not a dirty play. When you have 230 pounds on your back, and you’re trying to go forward, things will happen. I saw the ball was still in his hands and I tried to get to him. I tried to get up and get to him. But I couldn’t get up, so I just tried to grab him. It was not an intentional play."

Pollard expressed remorse at the result of the play. He also detailed what he heard on the field after the hit.

"All I heard was him scream and yell. When I heard him scream and yell, I knew something was wrong," he said. "That [stinks], because he’s a great player. He really is. He’s a top-notch guy. I’ve never really personally talked to him, but from seeing his interviews and everything else. … I’m sorry and that’s immediately what I said afterward. I went to my coach and let him know – ‘Coach, this was not intentional.’ Coach said ‘I know, I saw.’ My coach knows me and my teammates know me. I’ve never been a player like that, never been tagged as a player like that ever. It’s unfortunate."

Check out the video and you decide.