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Meet your new starting Quarterback - Matt Cassel

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Let me introduce you to the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots, #16 Matt Cassel.  Matt hails from USC and was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2005.  Matt has, for most of his career with the Patriots, played as either the #3 or #2 QB behind Brady.  His role on the team has been to be prepared in the event that Tom Brady was forced out of the game.  As of Monday, September 8 at 3:07 EDT, Matt is now New England's #1 man.

Called in for the injured Tom Brady during the Patriots' season opener with the Kansas City Chiefs, Matt got to work.  With 21 seconds remaining in the first quarter, third down and 11 on the Patriots 1 yard line, Cassel launches a 51 yard pass from the endzone deep right to Randy Moss.  With 11:49 left in the second quarter, Cassel fires a pass to Moss that only Moss could catch - TOUCHDOWN!!  Randy, the class guy that he is, promptly hands the ball to Cassel.  And so it begins...

Welcome Matt.  And thanks for all those hours working and studying, waiting to get your chance behind Tom Brady.  Thank you for being prepared.