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Additional Shots for the Taking

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Friendly neighborhood reporter Mike Reiss comes through once again with more terrific pieces:

  • Only in New England Category:  With our star quarterback down and only one back-up left on the roster, it's not really news that Belichick brought in seven players for tryouts yesterday.  Funny thing, though.  In pure Belichick-ian madness, not one of the players brought in was a quarterback.  Made me laugh out loud.

The Pats have one of the best coaching staffs in the NFL. They will know what they have and work a game plan that best utilizes their skill players. Don’t count the Patriots out just yet. They have talent and how they use it will determine their future.

  • Bruschi says ideally, Brady would always be their quarterback, but Cassel is their guy who is in a system that prepares backups to play.  "Tom would tell you this, if Randy Moss was out and replaced by the third or fourth or fifth receiver, he expects them to step in and do the job. It's the same [situation] with Matt."
  • Following Belichick's press conference, Defensive tackle Ty Warren, one of the team's leaders explained the mood.

This is the way the game is,” he said. “It’s move on, man. You mourn for a second then you have to move on. It’s life. I can understand from the outside looking in you have a guy like Tom get hurt, but it’s happened before where guys get hurt and teams move on.”

Noting how experts seem to be counting out the Patriots already he added, “I’ll say this: any person with their back against the wall, when there’s doubt out there against them, they try to fight their way out of that,” said Warren.

Linebacker Mike Vrabel was more succinct. “We’ve won a lot of football games around here. That’s not gonna change.”

  • Vince Wilfork is understandably upset on the seeming discrepancy of the League's reaction to Pollard's hit on Brady, versus the League's penalty and $12,500 fine of Wilfork after his hit on Bill's quarterback J.P. Losman last year.

Tom Brady emails Tom Curran of NBC Sports, says Pats not out.

It will all be OK. I’m excited to see what our team is made of … I still like our chances,” wrote Tom Brady.