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Sunday Open Thread

This season is NUTS!!  Saturday was full of surprises with a nail biter between the Ravens and Titans.  Baltimore ended the Titans' hopes of an AFCCG showing and a possible Super Bowl berth by besting them 13-10.  I don't hate the Titans as much as our Colts brethren (division rivalries can be deep), but it was cool to see a scrappy Baltimore, not to mention rookie Joe Flacco, come out on top.  Baltimore will move on to the AFCCG against the winner of today's Pittsburgh/SD matchup at 4:45 on CBS.

In the NFC, Arizona absolutely obliterated Carolina, 33-13.  Jake Delhomme simply fell apart throwing 6 turnovers.  Normally introverted Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald was on fire with 166 yards and 1 touchdown.  They await the result of a Philly/NY matchup at 1:00 on FOX.