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The Ultimate Patriot

Cruising through Marima's links and Fanshots has been a morning ritual of mine since, well, since she started doing them.  I've said many times, "I'm gonna get fired".  I could read all day.  In the sports world, there are few things that give me pause; I mean, Obama getting inaugurated, The Gaza Strip, the US financial meltdown... there's more to worry about.  Until I read this:

"The Patriots have been Tom's team. He's built that franchise up with his own two hands. He's the guy, and he was the MVP the year before. I realize that. He's been such a mentor for me that I would say, 'No, there is no quarterback competition.' I've learned so many things from Tom and, hopefully, it'll help me in my career."

"If the situation is what it is, then I would accept it and I would continue to do what I have done my entire career which is work hard, put my best foot forward and continue to work on the things that I need to and put out my best effort."

Matt would simply step aside and accept a backup role - no questions asked.  Sure, he's a hot commodity and in 2010, would likely garner a mega contract, not to mention his ~$14M payday after being franchised in 2009, but I simply don't think that's why he said what he said.  The season's over for the Patriots, Matt threw up very good numbers and, to top it all off, his contract is up.  Do the above statements sound like a guy in that situation?  How many whining babies in shoulder pads have we wanted to slap with a wooden spoon because of their crybaby attitudes?  How much crap have we seen spewed over sports pages about yet another prima donna gone nuclear (Brett, Pacman, Plaxico)?

Whatever you need me to do, coach.  Whatever you need me to do.