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Sit back and enjoy the show

Ok, it sucks to be living vicariously through other teams.  Our Patriots have been in 6 playoffs in the last 8 seasons, so we're used to rooting them on into January.  Instead, we get to sit back and enjoy the show.  There's a great deal of football going on and we get to hate or cheer on various teams who have made it past 16 (now 17) games.

Now that we're getting along with Colts fans (at least I am), I'm a bit disheartened Indy got knocked out by San Diego.  Sure, I can't stand the Colts, but that's mostly laundry; they give us some great competition, like Celts vs. Lakers.  Larry and Magic were fierce competitiors throughout their careers, raising the level of play to the highest heights.  In the end, Magic was awarded a piece of the Boston Garden parquet, the very same floor he duked it out on for years with Larry.  What an honor.  I'm shamelessly stealing this from BigBlueShoe, but Peyton and Tom are similar: two of the best, driving the level of competition to new heights.

Ok, a little sidebar there, but I had to get that out.  Without the jittery nerves of a playoff hanging over our heads, we can watch all the goings on and pay more attention.  Don't get me wrong, watching a playoff-bound Patriots is WAY more fun, but you know what I mean.  How else could we enjoy Josh McDaniels visiting Denver, ex Belichick pupil Eric Mangini in Cleveland, and VP of player personnel Scott Pioli visiting both Cleveland AND Kansas City?  Josh leaving?  I can live with that one.  He's a talented guy and did a good job this year with all of the junk that was happening (props to RSNexile for straightening me out on this one :-)), but I think we could get along without him.  Besides, Charlie Weiss might be available.

The one that's got me worried is VP of Player Personnel, Scott Pioli.  I certainly understand a guy with all of his success wanting to do it again, to prove he's not a fluke.  Hey, guys like that have an ego, right?  That's what makes them successful.  In additon, as GM he would acquire sweeping powers, powers he doesn't have with Jonathan Kraft crowned by Dad as the heir apparent.  Pioli, along with Belichick, is the dynamic duo, the architect of 6 playoff berths and 3 rings.  If you remember the lean years before the arrival of BB and Scott, you don't want to go back to them, you want Scott and Bill to stay forever.

Sadly, all good things will come to an end.  People move on in search of a new or better opportunity.  We can only hope successors have been groomed or someone in the org has a qualified candidate on speed dial.