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New England Patriots Links 10/01/09 - Brady: 'This Is Going to Be The Toughest Game We've Played'

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<em>New Patriot DL Terdell Sands at practice yesterday.  At 6'7, 335 lbs, this very large man has to kneel just to fit in this photo.</em>
New Patriot DL Terdell Sands at practice yesterday. At 6'7, 335 lbs, this very large man has to kneel just to fit in this photo.

Shalise Manza Young notes Baltimore QB Joe Flacco wants the Ravens offense to be as dominating as it's defense.

"Any time you're on the offensive side of the ball you want to put up points and kind of hold up your end of the bargain and prove your worth to the team," Flacco said. "And I think that's what we're doing. We want to prove that we belong on this team and we can help our team win. You know, that's our goal – to go out there and put points on the board each week and to win football games.

"I think as long as we're playing together offensively and defensively, it's tough to beat us."

Tom Brady discusses Baltimore S Ed Reed and LB Ray Lewis.

Yeah, you don’t break the huddle and think, "Let’s just run this play without seeing where [Reed is] at." He’ll be exactly where he’s supposed to be. It might not be what the defense was called to be, but he’ll be where the ball is. And that’s what makes him such a great player, it’s the things where it’s not really his responsibility, but he makes the play on the ball. Then, when you think he’s really undisciplined back there, you try to take advantage of it, and then he’s there right where he should be, playing his responsibility. We always say there are guys that guess, but he’s a guesser that always gets it right. To me, it’s not guessing, it’s more knowing.

You don’t really fake him out too often. I’m sure he watches a lot of film, but he studies receivers, and splits, and route combinations. He studies the quarterbacks, and their drops, and how we’re looking, and he watches their own rush. When their rush is getting to the quarterback, he’s sitting on routes and jumping on them. He does everything back there, so he’s really something to watch.

[Ray Lewis is] great in his own way. He’s just at a different level, he’s in that second level of the defense where the linebackers play and control the running game. He’s very disruptive in what he does there. He’s just been a great player for 13 years — that and change. You watch him this year, he still plays with a lot of enthusiasm. He really rallies those guys, too. There are no plays off for us in this game.