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New England Patriots Links 10/15/09 - Belichick Prepares Team for 5-0 Titans

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Chris Forsberg reports Tom Brady superimposed a photo of his locker as a background when he came to the podium for his weekly Q&A with the media.

"Now we're both satisfied," Brady joked to the media, referring to an ongoing disagreement over whether he should address the media in front of his locker or in a press conference room.

It's been a struggle for Brady to keep coach Bill Belichick, locker neighbor Randy Moss and the media happy this season during his weekly confabs. Brady initially started at the podium, reverted to his locker after a Week 2 loss to the Jets, then came back to the podium last week, saying Moss had seen enough clutter. "I'm getting yelled at by [coach Bill] Belichick for doing it," said Brady. "But Randy's had enough of the people at his locker."

Bill Belichick asked about how he stops a game from snowballing.

I think when you are in games that come down to a couple plays it comes down to which teams make those plays. Honestly, most teams are in those kinds of games about every week. There might be a few that you have that aren’t like that, but for the most part we’ve played nine games – 4 preseason games, 5 regular season game – I would say every game has pretty much came down to the last possession. We’ve won some of them; we’ve lost some of them. You look at a lot of other teams...Look at the team we played last week – it’s the same thing with them. Tennessee – that’s pretty much the way it is in this league: last couple possessions, last three or four minutes in the fourth quarter. If things happen a certain way at that point in time then that affects the outcome of the game. When you get to that point or the process of getting to that point [and] you make a few more plays than your opponents do, you come out on top. If they make a few more plays than you do, they come out on top. I don’t think that’s any big secret.

Vic Carucci ( The post-game handshake and good sportsmanship.

I'm getting a little tired of all of the ultra-close monitoring that goes on regarding post-game handshakes, especially where New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is involved.  Do we really need to see head coaches shake hands or hug to confirm they are good sports? At their best, they almost always look awkward and staged, with the coaches struggling to find each other through a forest of players, stadium/team staffers, photographers, and reporters for an exchange that hardly seems worth the trouble.

I was in the Broncos' locker room Sunday when Belichick stopped by for a private congratulatory moment with McDaniels, the former Patriots offensive coordinator, after the Broncos' OT win against New England. Although there were no cameras around, it really should have sufficed as a satisfactory display of sportsmanship.