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New England Patriots Links 10/16/09 - QB Advisor Tom Martinez: Brady's Struggles 'Repairable'

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<em>Brady still looking to return to form.</em>
Brady still looking to return to form.

Christopher Price reports longtime Brady advisor Tom Martinez thinks Tom is still struggling to re-acclimate to the NFL but should snap out of it like Peyton Manning did last year.

"I think watching him, he’s not throwing the ball mechanically like he did two years ago," Martinez said. "But he’s gone through spells this year where he wasn’t as mechanically as good as he could be, he knows what he’s supposed to do and snaps out of it. It’s normally very repairable, and I think obviously for him, it’s repairable."

Martinez also assures people that as the quarterback struggles through a difficult stretch, no one is harder on himself than Brady.

"Tom, it’ll bother him more than anyone else," Martinez said. "No one has to tell him anything to motivate himself — he’ll do that out of his competitive nature."

Chris Gasper pens an outstanding perspective commentary, reminding us that 2007 was a once in a lifetime season, not a yearly expectation.

The Patriots simply can't win this season, because even when they do, it's not enough. The specter of the 2007 season hangs over their every game and their every play. New England isn't just playing the team on its schedule each week. It's lining up against the gridiron ghosts of its perfect regular-season past.

Offensively, this looks eerily like that [2006] season, even though Brady has two of the league's best receivers. What he doesn't have is an experienced offensive coordinator, a third receiver he can trust and his pre-injury pinpoint accuracy.

The reality is that the '09 Patriots are still a good team, still tied for the AFC East division lead and still a Super Bowl contender, depending on injuries and the other vagaries of an NFL season. That makes them no different from the 3-2 Ravens or the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, who are also 3-2.

They're not blowing teams out a la '07, but they're also not getting blown out. Their two losses are by a combined 10 points.

Mike Reiss notes Phil Simms figures the Patriots will be OK -- particularly on Sunday.

"Tennessee always has a shot, but it's not great because of confidence. And now there is five weeks on tape so everybody sees what has caused them to be 0-5. Teams are going to keep attacking until they can fix it and make them do something else. The game interests me because New England, like most teams in the NFL, just keeps fighting until they find what they are on both sides of the football. With the Patriots, the running back situation would be a concern of mine just looking at them. And the passing game is still not what everybody expects -- razor sharp. It's definitely way too early to panic."