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This is your chance to push for a New England Patriot Hall of Famer

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SB Nation and Van Heusen have partnered to offer a pretty cool opportunity - the chance to voice your opinion.  That's right, we want your voice to be heard.  First, check out Van Heusen Fan's Choice site.  Click Scout the stats and VOTE NOW to filter candidates by team (HINT HINT: this is how you find all your Patriots!).  Stanley Morgan, Irving Fryar, Fred Smerlas... they're all there.

Now, onto the next part of the cool-ness or, something.  Before Sunday's game, Pats Pulpit will have the chance to interview 3 Patriots Hall of Famers!  John Hannah (Class of 1991), Mike Haynes (Class of 1997) and Andre Tippett (Class of 2008) have all made themselves available for interviews and a panel discussion.  I'm practically losing my mind!  The problem?  I'm racking my brain for good questions.  I have some, but want to hear what your thoughts are.  So, let's hear it.  Please add a comment with your question and make sure to include the player you want the question directed towards.  I'll do my best to make it happen.