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New England Patriots Links 10/19/09 - Patriots White-Out Titans 59-0

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Bill Belichick on Sunday's performance by the Patriots.

OK, that was I thought a really good effort by our team, all the way across the board. I'm really proud of them coming back off last week's game. I thought we executed at a pretty good level, hit some big plays both in the running game, passing game, turning the ball over on defense, played pretty solid in the kicking game, so it was a good, solid all-around effort. The team had a good week of practice and that was reflected in the way that they played. The players really did a good job with the conditions, which is a little unusual for this time of year, but we've talked about them. We've certainly been in wet and in wind, not in snow, but similar. I think they really paid attention to a lot of the details and did a good job of taking care of the ball and playing in those conditions, playing with their feet under them. [It was] a good win. We've got a quick turnaround here. It's really a short week with all the traveling we have and all that, so we're going to have to turn it around pretty quick for Tampa. [It's] good to win and a real good job by our football team today. The players did a great job.

Peter King gives Tom Brady an Offensive Player of the Week Award.

Has any quarterback in NFL history completed 85 percent of his throws in snowy/wintry-mix weather like Brady played in Sunday? I doubt it. With a 29-of-34, 380-yard, six-TD, no-pick game against the hapless Titans (haven't ever written those two words together, I don't think), Brady had an unimaginably good 35-minute game.

Well, when we execute better, this is the outcome. Not every game are you going to win by this many points, but you're going to score touchdowns, you're going to get the ball in the red area, you're going to hit the big plays, you're going to change the field position with big plays. We had a lot of good runs out there too, so I think that just shows us that what we've done up to this point, the times that we go out and execute well, we're able to score points, we're able to keep the defense off the field. It's able to become a one-dimensional game because we're getting ahead of the teams, which forces the other team to throw more and that's what creates turnovers. It was a complimentary game for us. That team was 13-3 last year and they still have a lot of great players and I think we came out with a great effort. It was a great practice this week and I think we're going to need the same thing this week.