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New England Patriots Links 10/22/09 - Brandon Tate Ready and Willing

<em>Rookie  WR Brandon Tate finally ready, and more than willing to play.</em>
Rookie WR Brandon Tate finally ready, and more than willing to play.

Tom Brady talks up the Bucs.

I mean, obviously, every team has its strengths and weaknesses, and every team is dangerous in its own way. This team has a lot of youth, but it has some playmakers on defense, especially in the secondary. We went through a lot of the stuff this morning and they can make a lot of plays. Similar to us, it's just the consistency of it. We're expecting them to play their best game - there's no reason why they wouldn't - so we're going to have to go out and do the same.

Bill Belichick talks up the undrafteds, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Gary Guyton.

[BenJarvus Green-Ellis] has been very impressive since the first time we had him here in rookie minicamp and then in the spring minicamps, kind of like how Gary Guyton was on defense. I'm not saying you don't expect anything… I mean, this guy was a good back, in a good conference, at a good school just like Gary Guyton was a good linebacker, in a good conference, at a good school, but they come in and start competing with your veteran players and even some of your younger veterans – second and third year guys – and they're right there with them or maybe even moving a little bit ahead of them and it catches your eye pretty quickly.

From no experience and no big hype coming in, they show up here and start making plays and start doing a lot of things that guys who supposedly are more talent or supposedly have more experience, they're doing them better [and] it kind of catches your eye. I would say Gary and BenJarvus both fell into that category last year and have continued to improve and progress through the entire time they've been here. It wasn't just a one hit wonder, quick shot at it. They started fast and they built on it and built it to a very high level.

Shalise Manza Young notes rookie WR Brandon Tate is itching to play and knows he must show both the Pats' coaching staff and Tom Brady that he can be counted on.

"I just (have to) try to get the coaches' trust so they can put me in the game," he said, adding that Brady was just as important to impress. "It is, because if Tom doesn't trust you he's not going to throw you the ball, so I'm just going to go out there and practice and just try to do everything right."

"I'm real happy. I feel comfortable, I have the trust back in the knee, I'm ready to go," he said. "I feel real confident in myself…If they give me the call, I'll be ready. It is the perfect situation; I'm just going to go out there, get the coaches' trust, get Tom's trust, and we'll see."





"Did you know former owner Hugh Culverhouse once interviewed Bill Belichick to be his head coach?  Culverhouse gave the job to Richard Williamson instead.  Williamson went on to win 3 games in his only full season as an NFL head coach.  Bill Belichick went on to win 3 Super Bowls as the Patriots head coach."